4 Web Design Trends in 2019

Purposeful Animations

Thanks to a multitude of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, along with new browser capabilities. Creating well thought out animations within the website DOM has never been easier. This undoubtfully has made this the biggest trend within web design and development. Motion graphics bring the websites to life and enhance user-

Cocoladas Creative Blog Artist Preview Page by Zhenya Rynzhuk

3D Rendering

There are some websites out there that are adopting 3D design rendering for that hero section either as a bold design motif or to show what they currently offer within their company. Various examples lend themselves to moving objects or static renditions.

Redshift Basics by Mike


The idea of hero images within the first view of the site has been around for a while. Web design illustrations have triumphed over standard hero images. These illustrations enhance user imagination and communicate ideas simply versus excessive digital visual stimulants. Illustrations allow the focus to be more on the written content and product offerings.


Color & Gradients

As digital screens become increasingly more powerful higher resolution screens offer better and cleaner renditions of color. We as designers or developers have seen many take advantage of the use of color. More and more sites are adopting heavy use of vibrant color as well as the use of clean gradients. For instance, big names like Apple and Spotify sometimes use gradients within there site.

Spotify microsite 2015, duotone image with gradient maps.

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