Meet Kelly, Our Project Manager!

Kelly Kennedy is a fitness fanatic from Greensboro, North Carolina. She grew up loving the mountains but opted for the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina where she attended the College of Charleston. Kelly has a background in Interior Design, working for several local Interior Designers over her now 8 years in the Holy City, further sparking her drive for design. Like many people during quarantine, Kelly decided to use some of the extra time to pursue one of her passion projects, digital art. Channeling her newfound passion, she started her own digital art Instagram. She is eager to grow in this industry and excited to be working for Port City Media Co!

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Fitness is a huge part of Kelly’s life. From her high school lacrosse team (shoutout WG Hornets!) to joining the student lead classes at her college gym, she has always had a love for physical fitness! She has been working in Charleston’s fitness scene for about 4 years now and currently, you can catch Coach Kelly instructing kickboxing classes at Gritbox CHS.

When she’s not instructing classes, you can find her enjoying her latest hobby… rollerblading the mean streets of downtown Charleston with her friends! Pit stops at her favorite coffee shop, The Daily, for a protein smoothie or avocado toast make for the perfect post-blading snack.

Join us in welcoming Kelly to the team!

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