Port City Referral Program
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Any colleagues, friends, or business associates who could benefit from our digital marketing expertise?

As part of our ongoing efforts to expand our network and help more businesses achieve their marketing goals, we are reaching out to our esteemed clients like yourself to request a small favor. Your personal recommendation carries significant weight, and we’d be honored to work with other businesses who share your commitment to growth and success.

Or, here’s a Script to get you started!

Hey [Referral’s Name],

I wanted to introduce you to Bennett at Port City Media, they’re a Digital Agency out of Charleston who helped us with a few marketing projects over the past few months. They help clients with Web Design, Branding & Logos, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Paid Ads, Photo/Video, Podcasts, and more!

Bennett, [Referral’s Name] is with [Company Name] out of [City, State] and they mentioned they were looking for help with [Name a Few Services]. We immediately thought of you guys and wanted to make the introduction!

You guys set up a time to chat and see if there’s a way for you to partner together!

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