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Can you sell ice to an eskimo? Ketchup popsicles to a woman in white gloves? Do you eat organization for breakfast? Do you alphabetize and color coordinate your pantry? Then you are who we’re looking for! Okay okay, you don’t need to be THAT organized, but you get the idea!

We’re looking for an outgoing go-getter with a winning attitude and drive to make the digital world a better place who will help source, win, and manage client projects, help our production team stay organized, and assist with day to day assignments to help keep this machine running. Contract 2-3 days a week (4-6+hrs a day) to start with the ability to move into full-time down the road.


  • Paid sales training for the first 4 weeks, competitive commission structure based on sales (5%-15%)
  • Hourly payment for project management with the ability to move into salary based on performance
  • Commissions paid on new projects added to retainer clients
  • A pretty sweet office space overlooking downtown, the harbor, and the Ravenel Bridge! (Seriously, it’s cool, check it out!)
  • A fast-paced, fun, tech environment with awesome clients and a really talented production team
  • All the coffee and tea you can drink
  • Optional after hours networking events with clients and our professional network
  • Office beer and wine (provided you’re over 21!)
  • Office MacBook Pro can be provided if necessary

Assignments Include…

  • Sourcing and maintaining potential project leads, and email and phone communication with prospective clients
  • Working closely with our head of sales on our process for winning projects (always open to new ideas!)
  • Once the project is sold and commissions are paid, you’ll move into Project Manager for that project to see it through
  • Weekly reports to our clients to keep them posted on the project
  • Owning the task lists to make sure our team has everything they need to crush their projects
  • Jumping in to client meetings and phone/zoom calls to help sell a project and take detailed notes from the discussion
  • Helping to write our client proposals and contracts
  • Client and industry research
  • Office errands: may include anything like picking up client print projects from local vendors, post office runs, buying client gifts, etc…
  • No coffee runs!! We’re always stocked up on K-cups and Tea!


  • College GPA: Don’t care.
  • Major: Doesn’t matter, although a background in marketing would shorten the learning curve. We’ll teach ya everything you need to know!
  • Charleston locals, remote work is allowed but in-office meetings will need to happen on occasion
  • Professional Writing Skills are a must, you’ll be emailing and speaking directly to clients, so you gotta be learned to talk good.
  • Attention to Detail, our projects involve intricate details so being able to stay organized is super important!
  • A Self-Starter Attitude, we’re looking for someone to help things run smoothly, so ask the right questions up front and conquer your assigned tasks!

How to Apply!

Send an email to jobs@portcity.co with the subject line “Coffee is for Closers” with your name, phone number, why you think you would be a great fit, and a link to your social network(s) of choice (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…). That’s right, we’ll do some diggin’, we’re a digital marketing company after all so we’re interested in how you are marketing yourself online!

Good luck!


  1. My name is Shelby Ernst and I am a graphic designer that has been freelancing for a few years and recently received my B.A. in Graphic Design at Xavier University. I’m really interested in joining a design agency that will allow me to grow my design career and further develop my technical skills. I have a strong passion for creating impactful brand identities, problem solving through my designs, collaborating with others on a variety of projects, and learning new techniques to implement into my work. I want to be surrounded by other creatives and professionals that understand what goes into graphic design and what the most effective methods are. I’m looking to be a part of a team I can collaborate with, learn from, and grow as a well rounded designer. Port City Media Co looks like the perfect place for me to do just that.

    In the meantime, feel free to look at my digital portfolio https://shelbyernst.myportfolio.com/ or reach out to me if you’re interested in seeing my resume. I hope to hear back from you soon!

    1. Bennett Coleman

      Hey Shelby, thanks for reaching out! Got your email, we will follow up with you soon!

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