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Beans & Brews

About the project

The mission of Beans and Brews is to be both a place for your morning coffee and a place you can get a beer at the end of the day. We think that sounds like a great goal, and we wanted to emulate that in our branding design. We combined a coffee bean and a hop in their new logo to highlight both the beans and the brews aspect of their mission. While neutrals are perfect for their business, we also added a pop of green highlight for visual interest.

To help them communicate with their customers, we designed a website for them to make all their information readily accessible. By combining eye-catching imagery with a clean design, we made it easy for their customers to find what they’re looking for while showcasing the Beans and Brews personality on every page.

We’ve also ben running their Social Media accounts to help them reach a broader audience and help them build a tailored, cohesive social media strategy.