About the project

Stashlete, an innovative platform aimed at transforming charitable giving, partnered with our agency to develop a compelling brand identity and optimize the user experience to foster widespread adoption. Our team embarked on a comprehensive branding initiative, starting with designing an intuitive app interface that emphasized ease of use and interactive elements to enhance user engagement. We also crafted a vibrant brand identity, supported by engaging copy that clearly communicated Stashlete’s mission and values across various platforms, including the app, website, and promotional materials.

In addition to the branding efforts, our digital marketing strategy was multifaceted. We managed Stashlete’s social media profiles, creating a content strategy that involved sharing success stories, user testimonials, and informative content about the impact of donations to build community and engagement. Simultaneously, we implemented a segmented email marketing strategy tailored to engage different donor groups with personalized messages, aiming to nurture leads and convert one-time donors into recurring contributors. Through these efforts, we aimed to establish Stashlete as a leader in philanthropic technology, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence across all digital touchpoints.