Adapting Your Social Strategies for the Social Distancing Age

With the coronavirus pandemic leading to more social distancing and temporary business closures, we are living in a time of unprecedented uncertainty. Figuring out how to adapt your social strategy to these changes can feel like murky waters to navigate, especially because there is no set of rules to follow for this type of situation.

While things may seem bleak, we have some tips to help you remain on the top of your game and keep your social strategy up and running amidst all the change. By being flexible with your strategy, you can remain in touch with your audience and even use this as an opportunity to drive more engagement and sales.

Stay Consistent (and Ramp Up if You Can)

More and more people are working from home and staying home if at all possible, which means a sharp uptick in internet and social media usage. While it is a difficult period financially for many businesses, if you are poised to do so, it is a great time to take advantage of all these extra eyes on their screens. If you’re already posting or advertising regularly, definitely keep it up—and consider increasing your frequency if you can! Now is a great time to reach qualified leads that may have not come across your product yet.

Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

Let’s be honest: we’re living in a pretty unprecedented time. While all of us are ready for a break from the constant barrage of news, it’s important to not ignore the current state of things entirely. Keep your content a bright spot on users’ newsfeeds by tastefully acknowledging the elephant in the room. Update customers on how your business is shifting, post helpful tips for staying entertained at home, or just offer readers support during what is a tough time for many of us. Customers love transparency and this is a prime opportunity to provide it.

Experiment With Instagram and Facebook Live

If you’ve never experimented with the Live feature on Instagram and Facebook, now is a great time. Live videos continue to grow in popularity, and because your followers will get a notification when you start a stream, it’s a great way to get your brand on people’s radar. Due to social distancing, brands are getting creative with what they live stream and it appears to be extremely engaging to users. Consider getting on for a Q&A, a talk about productivity tips when working from home, or anything else that is both timely and fun.

Consider Running Promotions

As we mentioned before, it may not be feasible to work promotions or sales into the budget—but if you can, now is a good time. Communities are rallying to support small businesses right now, especially if they’re able to shop from home. If you’re offering curbside pickup or home delivery, consider offering a discount on these services or a percentage off when users bundle certain items to drive more sales.

Are you ready to up your social media strategy? We can help with that! Check out our work here and get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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