Meet Kahlil, Our Design Intern!

Kahlil is a young designer currently residing in Wilmington, North Carolina. His journey did not originally start with design. In his earlier days of college and high school we wanted to be a concept artist, designing characters and building worlds. Everyone around him always categorized him as kid who draws in his spare time and is really good at it. While in high school he went from Art 1 to AP Art, putting him further on the path in mastering his craft. One thing about Kahlil is that in his high school years he always carried around a sketchbook even before he was taking art classes.

Transitioning from high school to college, Kahlil still desired to be a concept artist going through his first semester of college. His degree plan did lend itself to both traditional forms of art and digital forms, but ultimately his major leaned further to the graphics side of art, meaning his major was graphic design. It did not matter to him that as he fell in love with design and started to put his full effort into it.

His main hobbies is cycling when it is not wet and grim outside, walking around his city on the weekends with his younger brother doing photography, and occasionally playing video games late at night with his friends when he should be getting some sleep. Lately he has been teaching himself the ends and out of Front-End development.

Now that is clarified let us talk about some fun facts about Kahlil. For starters, his favorite movie, hands down, has to be Coco from Disney and Pixar. As the storyline was so good that it made him tear up at end, in his first watch.

If he had to choose a spirit animal it would most likely be a deer. Why? Well for obvious reasons is that he is a Gemini, Deer are witty, energetic, and intelligent. Although Kahlil sometimes can come off as soft-spoken he has a quality to him that people can easily get along with. He is very intelligent and is able solve problems on whim when nothing else works.

If he can eat anything in the world for the rest of his life it would be burritos. As his favorite restaurant for burritos right now is Chipotle. Also there are different flavors of burritos so it will never get old in his eyes.

Join us in welcoming Kahlil to the team!

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