Springing Into Social Media Marketing

Signs of spring are in the air, and after our long and unconventional winter, it feels extra exciting this year! The days are getting longer, blooms are popping up all over, and soaking up the sun is possible once again. While in many ways spring represents a return to nature, it can also be a great time to get a handle on your digital presence—especially if your social media marketing efforts fell into a winter slump.

Whether you’re hoping to do a complete overhaul or just want to get back to communicating with your audience consistently, spring cleaning your social media profiles is a great way to get a fresh perspective on your content and be sure that new customers who find you are converting into followers (and ultimately into customers!). Below are some tips for making sure your social media is spruced up and spring-ready.

Social Media Spring Cleaning Tips

Look for Consistency Across Platforms

Gaining a social media follower is always great, but gaining a follower across multiple platforms is even better! Now is a great time to do a sweep looking for consistency so it’s easy for people to find and engage with your profiles on their platform of choice. Consistent profile photos (preferably your logo), social media bios, and post content will convey to customers that your business is the same no matter how they contact you.

Revisit Your Goals

If you’re investing in social media marketing, it makes sense that you would want to track your efforts and measure your return on investment, which is where setting good social media goals comes in. Make sure you’re tracking the metrics that make sense for your business and keeping realistic progress markers in mind as you perfect your content and copy.

Consider Your Time Constraints

Businesses have a lot going on, and if you’re stretched too thin to properly manage your social channels, it will inevitably begin to show. If you don’t have the time to handle these things, evaluate what matters—maybe it’s time to cut out a social channel that isn’t serving you, or consider outsourcing your social media efforts so you can focus on the big-picture problems. Wearing many hats is part of business ownership, but wearing too many hats can lead to a compromised social media presence.

If you need to outsource your rebranding or social media management, we’re here to help. With a full suite of marketing services, we can help you achieve all of your business’s goals.

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