What Consumers Want From Brands on Social Media

For brands investing in content marketing on social media, those first couple posts can feel like a shot in the dark. If you don’t know who your audience is or what they want to see, it can be difficult to create a posting strategy you’re proud of. But what if we told you that we know exactly what consumers want to see from the brands they follow on social media?

What Consumers Look for From Brands on Social Media

While marketers tend to rate creative content as the most important thing a brand can focus on, consumers actually rate strong customer service as the most important quality of brands they follow on social media. While engaging communication, transparency, and having a distinct brand voice were also ranked highly on the list, nothing was considered more important than providing an outstanding customer experience.

How Brands Can Use Social Media for Customer Service

So if we know that customer service is important, knowing how to harness its power is the next step! Below, we have our top tips for ways that brands can use their social media pages to provide exceptional customer service to each and every follower.

1. Respond to Every Question

When customers reach out to your brand on social media, whether it be via a direct message, comment, or tweet, they’re looking for answers—and if they’re reaching out on a public forum, chances are, there are other people looking for those same answers too! By responding to every question and inquiry, you can show both your existing customers and potential ones that you value their input.

2. Respond in a Timely Manner

The world of social media is fast-paced, and most people don’t consider the parameters of business hours when they make an inquiry—in fact, over 40% of customers expect a response within an hour if they reach out on social media. Be sure to prioritize a quick response, and consider setting up automated systems to let people know you’ve received their message after hours.

3. Remember to Be Authentic

The beauty of social media is how well it facilitates connections between brands and consumers—especially if the brand is coming from a place of authenticity. It can be easy to be curt in standardized business replies, but a simple greeting or personalized note of appreciation can go a long way towards positive customer relations!

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