Why Social Media CTAs Aren't Always Necessary

For most businesses, social media serves primarily as a sales tool. While connecting with customers and creating noteworthy content is a nice aspect of social media marketing, for the majority of business owners, it all comes down to the bottom line (and for good reason!). Fortunately, social media can be a fantastic way to increase your marketing ROI—if you know how to use it. It is common for someone new to social media to think that more sales come from more selling, but usually, its quite the opposite. Below, we will be taking a look at why social media CTAs are not always necessary and go over some tips for boosting your sales the right way.

What is a Social Media CTA?

CTA is an abbreviation for the term “call to action,” which is traditionally used to refer to any messaging such as “buy now,” “shop today,” or “give us a call” that you may find in an advertisement, on a billboard, or on a newsletter sign up form. However, as it has with many things, social media has blurred the line between what is and isn’t a CTA—becoming so murky, in fact, that the rules around disclosing advertisements have continued to grow more strict. On social media, a CTA could be as overt as a post of a sales flyer or as not-so-subtle as a product plug where it doesn’t belong. To the user, these are all perceived as sales tactics.

Are Social Media CTAs Required?

Yes…and no. Of course, if you are investing in a social media marketing strategy, you will certainly want to educate users about your products, specials, and brand standards as part of your messaging, but the key is to keep this as only part of your messaging. Anecdotally, consumers often report that authenticity is key to their engagement with a brand, and that’s reflected in the data as well. When surveyed, nearly half of all users reported that they unfollow brands that post too many advertisements—while people who are following along are likely eager to learn about your product, metering out information is the best way to ensure you can keep their attention long term.

How Can I Balance CTAs With Other Social Media Content?

Mapping out a balanced content strategy is a must for getting the most out of your social media marketing and keeping your followers engaged. A good mix of content that educates, adds value, and provides entertainment can go a long way in making your social media strategy an effective one. Spacing out your sales-heavy, CTA posts with engaging content such as lifestyle tips, how-tos, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and more can keep things fresh and keep your audience happy to follow along on your business’ journey.

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