4 Benefits of a Blog for a Small Business Website

If you haven’t started a blog for your small business yet, now is a fantastic time to make it happen. While adding a blog to your small business site may feel like yet another thing to pile on your plate, blogging is one of the best thing businesses can do to give their marketing efforts a boost. If you want to learn more about the benefits of a blog for your small business, keep reading for all the details!

How a Blog Can Benefit Your Small Business Website

Whether you decide to manage your blog in house or outsource it to a creative agency, adding more quality blog content to your small business website can have many benefits. Here are four reasons why:

1. It Can Increase Your Traffic and SEO Rankings

Every time you write a blog, you are adding another indexed page to your website (hopefully with plenty of SEO keywords incorporated, too!). These indexed pages are exactly what a search engine looks at when deciding what websites to pull up for potential, searching customers—meaning the more content you have, the more likely that a new lead is going to stumble upon it and learn about your business in the process.

2. It Shows That You’re an Industry Leader

Let’s imagine you are planning on hiring a roofing contractor for your home. If you’re deciding between two companies, one with a Plain Jane website and one with a plethora of information on roofing techniques, installation tips, and other useful information, you’re probably going to choose the second one, right? The same concept applies to any industry—consumers are getting more and more picky about which brands they choose to support because there are so many options out there, so showing how yours stands out with thought leadership is key.

3. It’s the Content Marketing Gift That Keeps on Giving

While you might write some blogs along the lines of “Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2020,” you will likely also write plenty that are what content marketers refer to as evergreen—this is content that can be reused again and again. By filling your blog with evergreen content, you are giving yourself pieces that can be shared on social and in newsletters for years to come. Sitting down for an hour and writing an evergreen blog can pay off both now and in the future, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

4. It Can Provide a Human Element to Your Brand

While many of your blogs will likely be focused around your industry and products, it is also a great way to highlight the unique elements of your brand on occasion, too. Adding a human element to your brand is something that marketers are only seeing grow in importance, and when you use your blog to do this, you are giving customers a behind-the-scenes peek at exactly what makes your business special.

For any business, an online presence is a must—but it can be difficult to manage. That’s why we’re here to help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business establish a blog and more.

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  1. Bennett and team, this is a very helpful blog. I will start instituting all these great points in practice right away. Thanks so much for your insight!

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