4 Well-Designed Health and Wellness Websites

Health and wellness is one of the hottest industries right now, and experts continue to poise it for further growth. While this is great for those in the space, it also indicates the need for brands to claim their market share by being competitive with their user experiences—both in-person and online. This is why well-designed health and wellness websites make such a splash.

If you are in the health and wellness arena, having a visitor-friendly website is one of the best things you can invest in for your business. Creating good user experiences by providing consumers with essential information and inspirational photography in tandem is a great way to transfer your online interactions to IRL business. Below are some of our favorite health and wellness websites—we hope these help you find inspiration for your own!

Well-Designed Health and Wellness Sites to Watch

Pure Barre


Pure Barre has become one of the most successful national fitness chains on the market, and that has to be due in part to their incredible website. They utilize the popular trend of a background video at the top of their homepage, but they do it a bit differently than most companies. Instead of being a highlight reel of features or lifestyle shots, the video has a protagonist and a story arc—a smart way to reach website visitors in a subtle, emotional way. Visitors have everything they need in the header bar, plus a large “Learn More” feature for newcomers across the bottom. Scrolling down, you are presented with the Pure Barre mission, prompted to find a studio, and directed to an FAQ page if you have questions, all in a style that follows the same branding and color scheme as the rest of the site.

Dogpatch Boulders


Leaning into a black and white color scheme and a logo feature that pops, Dogpatch Boulders makes a statement and sets you up with all the information you need right away. An overview of what they have to offer is prominently featured across the bottom, while a header up top can provide more context or answer questions easily. Combined with eye-catching, wide-angle photography of climbers and the space, this website is no-nonsense and perfectly impactful.

One Medical


One Medical’s website has all the sleek features one might expect from a Silicon Valley startup, including impactful photography and consistent branding. The CTA is front-and-center, so visitors who know exactly what they’re looking for can get right to the point. For those seeking to learn more, scrolling down provides simple text boxes paired with high-quality photos that feature everything consumers need to know about what the company does. For an even larger impact, their color scheme is extremely consistent—the pine green and sharp white work in tandem throughout the page, both standing out and reinforcing the company’s message of wellness.



Two words for Peloton’s website would be simple and sharp. Peloton is in the unique position of being both a lifestyle brand and an e-commerce site, and they mind that gap well. Also a homepage with a background video, this one simply features their products and people using them in their homes. Users can quickly access information about their lineup from the header bar, which has minimal buttons for maximum aesthetic appeal. A chatbox in the bottom right lets visitors know they can get help as soon as they need it, while an animated arrow at the bottom almost subconsciously encourages users to keep scrolling. When you do scroll down, the simplicity gives way to all the information you would want about the company, told in concise copy and paired with photographs of users all over the world benefitting from their products.

If you’re in the health, wellness, or lifestyle space, we have a full list of design and branding services to help you carry these ideas to your own website and branding. Contact us to see how we can help!

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