A Guide to Using Customer Reviews as a Marketing Campaign

For any type of business, having and leveraging the power of customer reviews is one of the best investments you can make into your success. Studies have found that the average customer reads at least 10 reviews before they decide that a business is trustworthy—and by making finding these reviews easier, you can help customers reach decisions sooner.

By gathering and incorporating customer testimonials into your marketing campaigns, you can create a display of how much existing customers love your company so that new customers will feel more comfortable giving you a shot. Here are some ways that you can make use of any reviews your company obtains:

Incorporate Reviews Onto Your Website

Gathering reviews and customer testimonials and putting them to use on your website is a great way to catch the eyes of visitors at every stage of the buying journey. Adding a testimonials section to your main page or considering incorporating reviews into your “about us” section will show potential customers just how happy your existing customers are with your service.

Showcase Reviews on Social Media

Using your reviews on social media to engage with your other customers creates a winning experience for everyone. Whether you utilize them in posts or even draft an ad campaign around a testimonial, this is a great way to stand out on the social channel of your choice and catch your followers’ eyes. With permission, you can even tag the original reviewer in the hopes that they will share to their audience as well.

Use Testimonials in Your Email Marketing

If you’re sending an email that showcases a specific product or service, you have a great opportunity to use customer testimonials regarding the item in question to drive your point home. For example, if you’re doing a product feature and include the specifications about it alongside stellar customer reviews, it will help your email stand out and hopefully increase your click-through rate, too.

Consider a Customer Testimonial Video

While the testimonial style of videos was originally popularized by infomercials, don’t let this dissuade you from creating and distributing your own. Incentivizing customers to record a 30-second clip about your products can give you so much content to work with, and you can create an engaging, commercial-style video around great customer experiences with very little overhead.

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