Case Study: Sarah K. Henderson Realtor

01. The Intro

Sarah K. Henderson is a local Realtor for Keller Williams here in Charleston, SC. And awesomely enough, they allow for their agents to use their custom branding.

After our initial meeting, I could tell that Sarah was going to be incredibly fun to work with! Her tattoos and appreciation for craft beer tipped me off that I could really go wild with her visual creative!

02. The Moodboard

A snapshot from our Moodboard session we put together.

We started with a Moodboard session. She sent me a huge assortment of logos, print projects, websites, and any visual inspiration she found along the way so I could get a feel for her aesthetic. I put together a full moodboard of examples I found as well using Adobe InDesign and we were off!

03. Sketches

She wanted something on the abstract creative side, hopefully combining elements that represented her business and style in an imaginative way. I set off sketching ideas and here are the rough ideas.

My favorite part about pen-and-paper brainstorming is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s literally getting your ideas from your brain onto paper so you can begin to play with shapes. Here’s what I came up with!

04. The Final Logo

We came up with a logo that is a Palmetto tree at first glance but the negative space creates the silhouette of a house with the windows illuminated to create the trunk of the tree. I love a good double entendre logo!

05. Gear and Software Used

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