Does Restaurant Menu Design Matter?

There are a lot of things that restaurants can do to make themselves stand out from the crowd—which is a good thing, because in this case, “the crowd” contains a lot of competition! Having a strong social media presence and a good website are a must for any restaurant, but it’s important to make sure you’re also translating the online experience to the in person one—and in this regard, menu design certainly matters.

Why Does Menu Design Matter So Much?

Menu design is an extremely important part of a diner’s experience in your restaurant—and it’s also an improvement that can increase your revenue per customer, as well. By understanding how customers take in the information presented to them on a menu, you can lay out your dishes accordingly so you’re drawing attention to the dishes you’d like to sell the most. Additionally, a smart menu design can compliment all of your other branding, working harmoniously with your online presence and in-person decorations to create a unique dining experience that’s sure to wow.

Top Tips for Restaurant Menu Design

Understand How People Scan the Page

When most people look at a menu, they start in the middle of the page, then to the top right and left corners. This means that any dishes you want to feature should be somewhere in this triangle so you can be sure they get the attention they deserve.

Make Your Menu Easy to Scan

Did you know that the average diner spends less than 120 seconds looking at a menu? For this reason, making your menu easy to scan is a must! This is easily done with creative typefaces, pictoral design elements, and complimenting colors that can draw the eye where you’d like it to go.

Dish Out the Dish Descriptions

When diners are deciding what to pick, they will typically choose a few dishes that look appetizing to decide between—and this is where the dish descriptions can really shine. Writing good copy about each dish you offer is a fantastic way to tell diners what they’re getting and sell them on the experience the dish offers at the same time.

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