Examples of Copywriting Styles to Convey a Brand Message

When you’re honing in on your brand messaging, writing copy can be a big roadblock. While writing good copy is one of the most important things for businesses to master, it is important to dial in what you’re trying to say and how best to say it before getting started. Otherwise, you might end up with disjointed or unclear copy that leaves your customers questioning what they just read!

There are many directions you can go with your copy that remain professional while providing a bit of pizazz. Here, we’ve looked at examples that lean into humor, storytelling, authenticity, and community to give you a sense of how you can incorporate these same types of ideas for your business.

Humor With Moosejaw

There are plenty of online retailers to choose from when you need gear to get outside, but with snappy copy at every step of the buyer’s journey, Moosejaw stands out. Their homepage turns heads, but they bring their innovative wording into the more mundane aspects of a business as well. Every detail, from their returns page to their order confirmation emails create a unique customer experience.

Storytelling With Warby Parker

While eyeglass company Warby Parker focuses on visuals for its branding (no pun intended), they’re also masters of storytelling. Their About Page encourages users to really get to know their brand’s story instead of just listing out buzzwords. As a bonus, their whimsical elements are carried over to the name of each frame style and their product description, too.

Authenticity With Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is a company focused on giving users authentic experiences wherever they choose to explore. With this as their mission, they’ve done a great job carrying this authenticity over to their copy as well. They nail a no-nonsense style that’s hard to execute—they’re providing readers with vital information while also writing copy that’s so pleasant you just want to keep reading it.

Community with First Round

Funding company First Round has helped industry giants like Uber and Square get started by emphasizing their community first mindset every step of the way. They hammer home that they’re more than just financing, showcasing through copy that they work alongside brands at every stage. They showcase their community efforts throughout their site, so for community focused businesses they are a clear fit.

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