How Can Your Brand Utilize QR Code Marketing?

Many brands have turned to QR code marketing for a variety of uses—from doing away with paper menus at restaurants to placing codes right on advertising material so users can quickly scan to get more information. But what are these mysterious codes, and how does a QR code integrate into marketing efforts? Read on for all the intel!

What is a QR Code?

QR is short for Quick Response, and they are named as such because of how quickly they can be scanned with digital devices such as smartphones. QR codes have actually been around since 1994, but didn’t reach major popularity until the 2000s—and then they saw a serious boom during the coronavirus pandemic. Because QR codes are extremely customizable for businesses and extremely convenient for consumers, they’re a great way to distribute a lot of information in an efficient manner.

QR codes can store around 4,000 characters, including phone numbers, addresses, and URLs. Because users can scan them directly from their phone’s camera app, it’s easy for them to grab the information and be on their way to wherever you would like them to (digitally) go.

How Can My Business Use QR Codes in Marketing?

Because QR codes are so customizable, there are plenty of ways that businesses can integrate them into their marketing materials. They’re a great way to send customers to any URL you would like, including your social media pages, business website, or contact info. Below are some of our favorite uses for QR codes in marketing materials!

Add a QR Code to Your Business Card

Wish it was easier to put customers in contact with you once you hand them a business card? With a QR code, you can link directly to your email so users can scan it and immediately send their contact information back to you. That creates a two-way connection, meaning you can follow up with every lead.

Direct Customers to Your Menu

If you’re a business with a menu of food or services, you can easily direct customers that way via a QR code. If you have any physical advertisements out in the world, adding a QR code to them can help customers find out exactly what you offer without having to get too wordy with your print materials.

Quickly Solicit Feedback

Users are far more likely to provide feedback if it is easy to do so, and a QR code does just that. Having a QR code on receipts or in thank you emails can make it simple for customers to provide their thoughts and reviews so you can collect their feedback in realtime.

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