How to Craft Content That Helps Your Business' SEO

creating content that helps your business' SEO ranking

When investing in a content marketing strategy, it is important to get the most bang for your buck. Good content marketing always serves a few purposes: Educating your audience, showcasing your brand’s expertise, and boosting your search engine ranking. That’s why it is so important to understand how content helps your pages’ SEO ranking, so you can be sure that every word on your website is working to better your offerings. By knowing how SEO works and how to optimize your content to make the most of it, you can ensure that your page is getting in front of qualified leads.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the term for optimizing your website content to rank higher in search results. Google and other search engines have bots crawling websites every day in order to return the most relevant, informative information to searchers at the top of the page—and with the right strategy, your content can help your SEO efforts get you to the top slot.

How Can I Optimize My Content for a Higher SEO Ranking?

The more content you have on your page, the better your odds are of ranking highly in search engine results—but only if that content is the type that people are searching for. Below are some of our top tips for making sure all your content helps your SEO ranking!

Focus on Google’s Featured Snippet

When it comes to search engine rankings, Google’s answer box is the absolute best place to be. When searchers input a question, this answer box provides them with a quick and easy way to get the info they need—and by formatting your content for this envied box, you can become the place where they find their answers.

Incorporate Lists and How-Tos Often

When people search for answers to their questions, they’ll often use terms like “how to” in their query—and by putting this term in your titles, you’re showing searchers (and the search engine bots!) that your site contains the answers they seek. Lists are another great indicator that there are answers inside, so titles like “5 Great Ways to Optimize Your SEO” can also be a good option.

Utilize Keywords Naturally

Keywords are what the bots are looking for as they crawl your website, but they aren’t just looking for a list of words at the bottom of every page. Keywords are best when they’re worked into the content seamlessly in order to showcase that your article is relevant, high-quality, and written for humans instead of bots.

Prioritize Readability Above All

Search engines understand that users are looking for answers, so having content that is easily read is a must. Using language that is easy to understand and avoiding dense sentences is something your users and search engines will appreciate.

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