How to Repurpose Content Marketing Material

Making clean, quality content marketing material isn’t easy. It’s a true passion of ours, but even though we love it, we know it can be a ton of work! Figuring out what kind of content your audience wants takes true expertise—which is why once you find something that resonates, you’ll want to lean into it as much as you can. Writing blog after blog or taking photo after photo of the same thing will get stale quickly, however. That’s where learning to repurpose content marketing material comes in!

Why Repurpose Content Marketing Material?

Content repurposing occurs when you take an existing piece of content and make changes to it or adapt it into a new format to reach a broader audience. This can lead to quite a few benefits for your business. Not only can you leverage research for one piece of content (such as a blog post) into multiple formats (such as infographics, Instagram captions, and more), but this allows you to produce a higher volume of content with the same budget. Repurposing your content can also help you reach a broader audience—if some customers follow you on Facebook but don’t catch up regularly on your blog, your repurposed content will meet them where they are instead of driving them to a new platform.

How to Repurpose Marketing Material

Update Older Blog Posts

If you have a well-established blog already, you likely have blogs that are quite old that could use a refresh. Updating these blogs can help them perform better from an SEO standpoint, and can also be a good check to make sure that the information is still accurate and of a high quality.

Reformat Existing Content

There are several ways you can repurpose existing content in a fresh new way. For example, if you have an “About Us” video with an informational script, this could be made into a blog article so it lives on your site in text, too. You can also consider turning articles into infographics and podcasts, or turning Instagram live sessions into videos that live permanently on your website.

Use Internal Data for External Marketing

Depending on your industry, you likely have a lot of information about your customers that potential customers might find interesting. For example, if you’re a real estate agent who has helped 98% of clients successfully purchase a new home within a week, that’s a stat worth sharing! Any type of internal data like this can be made into statistics to share on social media, or can be worked into a blog post about your industry trends as a whole.

If you need help coming up with a content strategy for your business, we’re the team to call! Content marketing is our passion—contact us today to learn more about it.

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