how to take great product photos

Product photography is often considered the unsung hero of digital marketing. While there is a lot to be said for a good website, a strong social media presence, and engaging copy on product listings, if the photos are sub-par, the majority of that effort will be wasted. Learning how to take great product photos is a key cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy, and luckily, it’s easier than you think!

Because humans are visual creatures, the way something is presented heavily impacts our impression of that item. In fact, over 90% of people report that visual experience is a key factor in their purchasing decision. When that much is riding on your product photography choices, it is a wise decision to invest in taking the best photos you can (yes, even if it’s just with your iPhone!).

Tips for Taking Great Product Photos

Get a Tripod for Consistency

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to shoot with your smartphone or are using a higher-end camera, consistency is key. Having product photos shot from different angles or in slightly different frames can be a jarring user experience as people scroll through your website, but a tripod can alleviate that concern. Tripods are inexpensive, and by marking their setup spot with tape, you can ensure that every photo is from the same angle every time.

Make Your Lighting Work for You

When shooting photos, you have two main light choices: natural or artificial. For most things, natural light is the most flattering option if you have access to it, and it saves you from having to invest in a major lighting setup. Even if you just have one bright office window to work with, adding a neutral backdrop and scheduling your shoots when you get the most light can make a big difference.

Shoot a Blend of Images

When customers look at product photos, they are typically looking for two things: the details of the item and the functionality of the item. By shooting a blend of images, you can show both of these things on one product page. It is generally a good idea to take several shots of your item as a standalone piece on a neutral background, and then take several more that are lifestyle-oriented. For example, if you sell art, a few photos of the piece on a blank background in addition to a few photos of the piece on display in a home setting is a savvy way to add depth and dimension to your product listing.

If you need help getting your product photography just right, we’re just a call away! Get in touch to learn more about our photography services today.

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