Discovering Your Brand Purpose

3 Steps to Creating a Brand Purpose That Lasts

Let’s be honest, as a business, your brand is your baby. You have to help it grow and develop across all digital platforms. Your customers rely on your brand to not only connect with them, but also to be an advocate for your business. Your brand is what makes you stand out on the shelves and online, which has a direct impact on customer acquisition and retention.

But the question is how? How do you write your brand’s story? How do you increase brand awareness? How do you create visual cohesion that communicates across social, web, and print? How do you find your business’s voice? How do you run your business while trying to maintain your brand? Below, we’ll outline exactly how we approach this issue so you can get some ideas (and call us if you need us!).

01. The Brand Questionnaire

We start by creating a comprehensive personalized questionnaire that evaluates every aspect of your current business, including internal culture, digital goals, logos, color scheme, social aesthetic, competitor brands, history, and web content. We get to the core of what you value in your business and utilize possible opportunities for growth.

02. The Brand Style Guide

After sitting down and discussing your questionnaire answers, we craft a complete brand style guide that becomes the foundation of how you communicate with your audience. These include the gritty details of fonts, colors, example posts or captions and custom social do’s and don’ts. So you never have to question “how” again.

03. The Web & Social Content 

Once our action plan is established, we get down to business. We begin crafting your social and digital posts, blogs and web content. Each piece of content encapsulates what your business stands for by using personalized copywriting, photography, and graphic design. Our brand kit will be applied to all your channels of communication and transform clicks to customers to brand advocates. 

Just like sending your kids to school, your brand needs a place to go to learn and grow. Let us be your brand’s teacher. We will guide you in the right direction and apply your feedback throughout the entire strategic planning. We are behind the scenes, while you remain the boss of your brand. 

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