Our Favorite Team Communication Apps for Working Remotely

If your team has recently transitioned to working from home, communication is one of the biggest hurdles you might be facing right now—and with good reason. If you’re used to popping over to someone’s desk or jumping in a meeting room to clarify details on a project, making the change to remote-only is a big switch. One of the best ways to ease this transition is by using the right communication apps for working remotely.

Sometimes, more tools can complicate things even further, which is why we pared it down to only the essentials. Below you’ll see our favorites for chatting, video conferencing, and managing projects, all designed to be budget-friendly and scalable for any team that needs a quick way to communicate.

Chat, Video, and Project Management Apps for Working Remotely


Slack is one of the most commonly used communication apps with over 12 million daily users across the world. It’s messaging capability is a great way to reduce the number of daily emails your team has to send, freeing up everybody’s inbox for necessities. You can create channels to cover certain topics, and make use of its integrations with Google Drive, Salesforce, and other essential apps to keep everything organized. With both free and paid plans, it can be a good solution for teams of any size.

Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet has become one of the best ways to manage video calls between team members who are located far and wide. It syncs up with your Google Calendar and integrates seamlessly into everything else on the GSuite, so it feels more native than utilizing a separate video client. It allows for screen-sharing, in-video chat, and bounces automatically to focus on the user that’s talking. While the free version only supports calls up to 25 people, the paid version can offer support for up to 250.


ActiveCollab is one of the most streamlined task managing software on the market. It makes it possible to keep track of projects, timelines, to-do lists, and hours logged all in one place, so there’s never any doubt about what’s up next. It also has the unique feature of being able to share work with clients in real-time to streamline your update process if you work with third parties. ActiveCollab gives you both a birds’ eye view and a task-by-task breakdown of everything you have to tackle, and with a 90-day free trial, there’s no harm in trying it out.

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