Setting Your Marketing Strategy for the New Year

The end of Q4 is always a flurry of activity for businesses. While we technically still have just under a month to go, many small businesses opt to take the week between Christmas and New Year’s as a reset—meaning the end of your business year comes even earlier than most! As we look ahead to what 2022 has to offer, now is a great time to set your marketing strategy for the new year so you can start off strong for your first workday of 2022. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the year behind us and look ahead to what is possible when we flip the page on the calendar!

Reflecting On This Year’s Marketing Strategy

Before you set your sights on what is to come, it’s wise to take some time to think about all you’ve accomplished in the past year. This time of year is a great time to reflect on key points in your strategy, such as:

  • Do you feel like you got the most for your marketing dollars?
  • Did you see competitors employ advertising techniques you respected?
  • Was your messaging aligned with your goals for your brand?
  • Which target numbers did you hit, surpass, or fall short of?
  • Were you able to make the most of your content marketing materials?

Taking some time to look back at these elements can give you valuable perspective as you set a new round of goals for the year ahead.

How to Set a Marketing Strategy for the Upcoming Year

After a period of reflecting, it’s time to take action! Using what you’ve learned from the past year’s performance, you can start creating SMART marketing goals that will help you get ahead in the upcoming year. Whether you want to hone in on your email marketing or finally discover the power of Facebook Ads, as you set goals, keep these tips in mind:

Give Each Marketing Goal a “Why”

It can be easy to get ambitious at the start of a new year, but it is important to give yourself a toolkit to focus in on the goals that matter the most. Make sure every goal you set has a strong “why” behind it. Think through what problem you are trying to solve or what goal you are trying to achieve with each metric to be certain your efforts are channeled most efficiently.

Make Marketing Goals Specific

In any aspect of life, having specified goals is key for staying on track—and your marketing strategy is no different! Whether you want to build out your blog content or increase your social media engagement, provide specific targets to hit with each quarter to get you there by the end of the year.

Be Sure to Trust the Process

Content marketing is a long game with a serious prize. If you are new to social media, blogging, or other content endeavors, it may feel like your words will never gain traction—but trusting the process is key! Building brand trust and customer relationships takes time, which is why these goals are designed to take place over the year and not in a day.

If you need help setting your marketing strategy up for the new year and beyond, get in touch with us! From content to SEO to social media management, we’d love to chat about ways we can help.

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