The 2021 Marketing Trends to Watch

2021 marketing trends

We are finally approaching the end of 2020, and we think we speak for everyone when we say we can’t wait to close this particular book. While 2020 has had plenty of bright spots, it has also been a rough and unpredictable year in many ways. Here’s to hoping for smoother waters in 2021!

Since digital has taken over the world of marketing, every year has brought changes—but 2020 condensed a lot of changes into a very short time. Trying to keep up can make your head spin, but that’s what we’re here for! As we reflect on the year behind us and look forward to the year ahead, we wanted to compile some 2021 marketing trends that we expect to see lots more of in the future.

Noteworthy 2021 Marketing Trends

A Rise in Social Media Shopping

In the spring of 2020, Instagram and Facebook made impulse purchases even easier with the introduction of streamlined shopping tools built into the platform. For e-commerce retailers, this development is not to be missed! Adapting to these shopping integrations may take a bit of preparation, but it will be a great way to make it easier to nab those conversions and we anticipate we’ll see it grow with popularity as more users become familiar with it.

A Renewed Sense of Brand Connectedness

The importance of users feeling connected to a brand is not a new concept, but it is certainly more important than it has ever been. Consumers want to support brands they can believe in, and with many people in fluctuating work situations due to the pandemic, carefully considered purchases are a must. Showcasing your brand’s personality, charitable initiatives, and other standout points is a great way to connect with your users and show off your actions.

A Continuation of Video, Live Sessions, and Webinars

Out of necessity, many events pivoted to a virtual stage for 2020. While video marketing, live social media sessions, and webinars were already growing in recent years, no one could have predicted just how much this niche of the digital marketing world would have taken off at the beginning of the year. While we all hope we can get back to in-person events in some capacity in 2021, now that people are used to tuning into things from the comfort of home, we predict that these platforms will still stick around in a major way for quite a while. Video marketing may seem like a big investment, but the ROI is enough to make it a lucrative endeavor for many industries.

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