The Power of Productivity

Oftentimes, the key to productivity comes down to discovering the best habits that work for you. If you’re struggling to even get started, these three habits will inspire you to head in the right direction.

01. Make Lists

It can be incredibly overwhelming when you’re trying to mentally execute your to-do list. A common, yet effective method of productivity relies on developing to-do lists. You can document your deadlines with post-it notes, calendar reminders, a planner, or digital project management apps. Find the tool that consistently works best for you and stick with it to get your work done faster and more efficiently. Along with making lists, setting goals is a great way to visually recognize what you want to accomplish. Goal setting gives you clear expectations of what you are working towards.

02. Find Your “Happy” Place

True productivity is only accomplished if there are very few distractions. Your work environment is highly influential to your progress. Finding your work “happy” place may involve testing a few locations to see what works best for you. Your local coffee shop, park, home office, company work desk, or even a local library can all be great possibilities. But who says you have to settle for one location? Sometimes our most productive days and innovative ideas come from changing up the typical routine.

03. Take Some You Time

It can be easy to get sucked into a project or tight deadline, that we often stay naive to the most important way to stay productive. Spending an hour of your workday to get active, take a walk, do yoga, meditate, cook a healthy meal, or even just enjoying the company of loved ones will help increase your mental stamina. After a long day, you need to take mental breaks to reboot your creativity.

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