Tips for Creating Email Campaigns Your Customers Will Actually Read

Email campaigns are a great tool for any business looking to open up a direct line of communication with their customers. Nearly any business industry can benefit from investing in email marketing, and if done well, it can be a great way to boost your revenue.

As you work on crafting the perfect email campaign to your customers, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to help you be successful. Making your communications personal and authentic while keeping track of what works is a sure-fire formula for getting to know your customers and what they want from you in their inbox through their day to day. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

Personalize Email Subjects as Much as Possible

Many email clients include personalization features as part of their lineup, and you should definitely take advantage of that when possible. Even simply personalizing the subject line can increase open rates by 26%, so if your email client of choice makes this easy to do, it is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Avoid Bait-and-Switch Sales Tactics

While having a good email subject line is a strong start, it is important that it reflects the content inside the email as well. While a subject line promising free products or giveaways might initially get opens, if they are not authentic to the content customers are actually getting, your audience will quickly feel frustrated. It’s best to keep subjects short, accurate, and to the point to encourage users to click through (and bonus points if you can fit a pun or something fun in, too!).

Take Advantage of the Preview Text

While your subject line is the standout star, your preview text serves as a solid supporting character that allows users to get more information before they decide to click into the email. The number of characters displayed depends on the email client and where the user is accessing their inbox from, but in general, marketers have around 100 characters to make their statement.

Provide a Direction at the End

Having customers read your emails is great, but having them click through to your website is even better. There’s no need to end every single email with a heavy handed sales pitch, but it is a good practice to point customers somewhere at the end of your text. Sending them to the “About Us” page of your business, encouraging an Instagram follow, or sending them in any direction that feels appropriate given the subject of your message will encourage people to stick around and learn even more about your brand.

Keep Track of Every Metric

With most modern email clients, businesses will be given a metric dashboard to show them how their campaigns are performing. Making use of this is one of the best things you can do. With every metric such as open rate, unsubscribes, and click throughs, you are learning valuable information about your audience that will allow you to refine your campaign and create an even stronger one in the next round. If you have the capability, you can also perform some great A/B tests that tell you exactly what resonates best with your audience with each email you send.

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