Types of Videos That Can Boost Your Brand's Marketing

If your brand has not yet experimented with video marketing, there’s no time like the present. The industry has seen so much growth with the rise of social media, and research indicates it’s poised to continue its upward trajectory. Social media users are watching more videos than ever, so businesses in any industry are wise to capitalize on this trend by figuring out what types of videos that can boost a brand’s marketing.

If you’re new to video marketing, the possibilities may seem endless—and they kind of are! While the creative possibilities are nice, it can also be overwhelming. If you’d like to start a video marketing practice and aren’t sure where to begin, we put together a list of video types that nearly any brand can use to their advantage:

5 Types of Marketing Videos to Boost Your Brand

1. Product Videos. If you’re a brand with a product, a video is a fantastic way to show off how it works! You could choose to do an unboxing video if your product is physical, a virtual tour for a software product, or even a walkthrough of your space if you’re a retail store or restaurant hoping to connect with more viewers over what you do.

2. Branding Videos. The consensus is clear: storytelling is the future of marketing—and brand videos are a prime tool to leverage this trend. Brand videos truly give your brand a chance to shine. You can talk about where you started, what your future holds, and convey your overall mission statement to connect with your audience. If you’d like something you can use for recruiting purposes, you can also feature staff members talking about their time with the company for an extra touch of flair.

3. Event Videos. If you put on events, we can’t recommend investing in event videos enough. Not only are they a highlight reel for those who couldn’t attend, but they will also be evergreen marketing content to promo all the future events you host.

4. Educational Videos. Adding value is one of the pinnacles of content marketing, which is why educational videos work so well. Use these to teach your audience something new, such as how to use a product or what all it’s capable of. You can also use an educational video to explain use-cases for a product or service by taking viewers along the buyer’s journey and showcasing how your brand can solve their problem.

5. Customer Testimonials. Customer testimonials are extremely valuable for businesses, and video is a great way to showcase them. Happy customers are your best advocates, so ask some satisfied customers to come in and share their stories!

Regardless of what type of video you’d like to produce (or even if you aren’t sure!) we can help you out! Get in contact and we can start working through ideas today.

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