Why Authenticity is Key to Successful Content Marketing

To say that the current climate for marketers is unprecedented would be an understatement—with the coronavirus pandemic impacting consumers across the country in very different ways, marketers have been forced to shift their strategies based on trial and error to navigate the new normal.

While things are certainly shaky right now, adaptation is key to keep businesses relevant in the current climate. While consumers’ habits have changed, the general consensus is that while authenticity was important before, it is now one of the key things that marketers should be focusing on throughout every step of their communications.

Why Authenticity in Content Marketing is Essential

It is probably not news to you that people are warier of marketing messages than ever before, so coming off as “all sales all the time” is not necessarily the best strategy in content marketing—but what is? Trends are pointing more and more towards the importance of authenticity in marketing, and now that we are in new pandemic territory, that is ringing even more true. Consumers are looking to get to know the people and the message behind the brand, and authenticity can create a real connection with your audience unlike anything else.

How to Boost Authenticity in Your Content Marketing

Do a Content and Communications Audit

If you typically send out Instagram posts every day, emails every week, or announce new products every month, now is a time to do an audit to make sure you aren’t sending out anything that’s tasteless or confusing for your customers. Because things are rapidly changing, it might be best to hold off on scheduling things too far in advance right now—instead, accept that your content strategy will likely be consistently evolving and plan accordingly.

Don’t Hit the Brakes on Marketing Efforts

When things get uncertain, marketing is often the first budget to be cut—but if you’re able to keep your operations more or less the same, it’s highly recommended that you do so. A time of uncertainty is not a time to ghost your customers, and instead provides a great way to connect in a new way.

Talk About Your Company’s Community Efforts (Tastefully)

Consumers have raised their standards for what companies they support and how they choose to spend their dollars—which means they want to know that the companies they care about are supporting their values. While this is certainly not a time to break out the humblebrags, it is a great opportunity to share what you are doing to increase the safety of your operations, keep your staff protected, and ensure you’re following the safety guidelines of your area.

We’re all about authenticity in everything we do, so if you need guidance on content marketing, we can help out. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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