Your Guide to Customer Birthday Emails

Who doesn’t love birthdays? Regardless of how you feel about getting older, the opportunity to celebrate another trip around the fun is an exciting thing—and it’s made even better by the thoughtful contributions of those we love the most. While brands may not mean as much to us as our closest friends and family, customer birthday emails are a fantastic way to engage with your customers on their special day.

Why to Send Your Customers a Birthday Email

Not only is sending your customers a birthday email a fantastic way to spread a bit of joy into their inbox, but it’s also a smart business decision as well. A recent Experian survey found that birthday emails achieve a transaction rate that’s 481% higher and boost revenue by 342%—that’s pretty incredible!

In addition to these great numbers, sending birthday emails is also a smart strategy to stay top of mind with customers and improve customer engagement, which is fantastic for overall brand awareness and goodwill.

Ideas for Customer Birthday Email Promotions

If you’d like to send your customers a birthday email, don’t be afraid to get creative with promotions! Offering even a small discount is a smart way to drive revenue, and the sky is the limit with how you can customize birthday promotions to suit your industry. Some jumping-off points include:

  • A percentage off an online purchase, for e-commerce stores
  • A free upgrade to an appointment, for service businesses such as hair salons or spas
  • A free dessert with a dinner purchase, for restaurants
  • A $5 off coupon, for in-person retail stores

Like we said, with these types of promotions, the sky is the limit for customization—and if you need ideas for how to make your customer birthday emails unique, get in touch with us today.

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