4 Types of Logos We Love (and Why)

Creating the perfect logo is a foundation that a business’s branding is built upon—but with so many types of logos to choose from it may feel overwhelming to decide what you want! Worry not, because we are here to help you get inspired with four types of logos we love, plus ample explanations and examples of each.

Four Kinds of Logos We Really Love

Font-Based Logos

Font-based logos are exactly what they sound like—more a collection of letters or words than a drawn logo. Companies like Visa and NASA have perfected the font-based logo, utilizing colors and specific fonts to create a branding scheme consumers can recognize. We love these for companies that have initialized names or ones that are distinct and likely to stick in customers’ minds. We designed this particular font-based logo for our musician friend Josh Hughett, but this style has so many possibilities for so many industries!

Emblem or Seal Logos

Logos featuring emblems or seals are classic, but that doesn’t make them basic or boring. Emblem logos are defined as featuring text within a shape (think Harley Davidson or the NFL). While these may have an old-fashion feel, they are quite versatile and a clear way to communicate what your company is all about. We love them for no-nonsense branding design that wants to make a clear statement right off the bat.

Pictoral or Symbol Logos

Sometimes a logo doesn’t rely on typography at all, instead relying on a picture or symbol to get the point across. Take what we did for our friends at Beans & Brews—a local hangout that specializes in craft coffee and craft beer. The coffee bean/hop combo says so much, without actually saying anything at all. These types of logos are also popular among social media giants and companies that have become household names. We love these for brands that can transform their name seamlessly into a drawing or picture as a fun way to keep the branding concise, or as an alternative to a more typography-focused logo for apparel or other branding opportunities.

Combination Logos

In the world of graphic design, things don’t necessarily have to be confined to this box or that box, which is what makes combination logos so fun. This combines stylized typography with a picture or mascot to create a totally custom look that says a lot in a little bit of space. This strategy is employed by familiar brands such as Dove and Burger King, as well as our brewery friends at Cast Brauerei! We love these for any brand that wants to make an extremely creative statement while still staying true to who they are.

If you’re searching for the perfect logo for your brand, look no further. Our custom branding services allow us to work with you to nail down the essence of your business and create the perfect logo to match. Get in touch today for more info!

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