Creating an Authoritative Brand in Your Industry

Here on the blog, we talk a lot about the strategies and benefits behind content marketing, but today, we’re talking about the end goal of that content: creating an authoritative brand that educates customers and leads to a higher ROI for all your efforts.

Being an authority in your industry is all about educating customers, solving their problems, and positioning yourself as the definitive resource for whatever industry you’re active in. Sound complicated? With our guidance, we promise it isn’t!

A Guide to Creating an Authoritative Brand

Consider What Your Audience Wants to See

To create an authoritative brand, it is important that you consider what questions or pain points your audience has and determine how your content can solve them. Creating content that leads to your brand becoming the go-to knowledge base in whatever niche you choose will mean your business will be synonymous with problem solving. This can be done with blogs, informative social posts, and other types of engaging, educational content that speaks directly to your audience’s struggles.

Use Your Employee’s Knowledge to the Fullest

Many large brands have a point person that’s perfect for publicity, but even if your don’t have a central person that’s the face of your company, you can still share internal knowledge with your customers. Maybe you’re a landscaping company with a drought-tolerant plant expert on staff, or a hair salon with a stylist that could do highlights with her eyes closed—whatever your employees know a ton about, encourage them to share it! Whether it’s through a blog post, Instagram video, or Facebook Live, your customers will love the chance to get to hear from your in-house experts.

Shine a Spotlight on Your Reviews

Regardless of what your business does, the importance of getting and showcasing your reviews is quite important. Online reviews are just as valuable as personal recommendations to most consumers, and by showing off what your existing customers have to say, you’ll be able to more easily gain the trust of future ones. Adding customer testimonials right onto your site in a prominent way is a great way to show off all the good things people have to say about you.

Are you ready to show off what makes your brand the go-to in your industry? Let us help you! Our content marketing services are perfect for creating an authoritative brand voice—contact us today to learn more.

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