Email Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

The leaves are falling, the temperatures are cooling, and the busy holiday season is pretty much already in full swing—meaning now is the time to get your email marketing strategies finalized so you can make the most of it. In nearly any industry, the holiday season is a great time to reconnect with your customers—and your email list is a perfect way to do so.

Improving your email marketing is something that any business is wise to pursue, but only if you have a solid strategy in place for making it worth your while. Below, we’ll be sharing our expert tips for making sure your email marketing strategies are rewarded!

Clean Up Your Email Marketing List

Making sure that your contacts list is accurate and complete is a must for keeping your email statistics accurate, so now is a great time to double-check for any issues that might be present. Issues like misspelled domains or spaces within an email address can significantly impact your open rates, so doing a sweep to check for errors is recommended.

Think About Your Email Subject Lines

The subject line is the first impression readers get of your email, so making it count is important—and especially when you consider that more than half of all emails get read on mobile, it’s wise to remember that space is at a premium. Keep your subject lines short, sweet, and to the point so users can easily digest them and feel encouraged to click in for more.

Personalize As Much As You Can

Creating a personalized experience is a great way to ensure you’re connecting with your audience on a deeper level, and doing that with your email marketing is no different. While not all businesses will have the bandwidth to create personalized drip campaigns based on behavior (which is where an agency can be helpful!), at least personalizing the subject line and preview can make a difference—sometimes to the tune of 20% in sales increases!

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