3 Reasons Why Slack Redesign is So Good

Slack is an internal communication tool that offers messaging, file management, and collaborative tools for all businesses. This productive interface delivers a cooperative experience for your employees.


Prior to the redesign, the current logo was effective but it lacked consistency across the board through its small variant logo to the mobile app icon. They decided to redesign the logo in the early development of the company since it was originally a hashtag symbol. So, they used empty space, color, and shape rotations to create something more unique.

Attention to Detail

At first glance, you can tell that the design team who worked on the redesign wanted the logo to be able to fit anywhere, on any background. According to the article on Brand New, “The updated palette features four primary colors, more manageable than the original’s eleven, which suffered against any background color other than white.” These qualities allow the logo to be scalable and widely recognized. Contrast plays a big role in the overall design of the new logo. The wordmark displays hard angles while the logo icon has rounded shapes. This draws your eye to both elements of the design.

Clean Design

The overall structure of the new logo is creative because they restructured the generic hashtag with a futuristic, fresh approach. Also, this clean geometric approach captures the platform in a way that is welcoming.

Port City Media Co., uses Slack to host separate conversations for different client projects, chat with team members in real-time and share relevant industry news to foster new ideas. We would love to hear your opinions on this redesign and see your favorite logo redesigns. Share @portcitymediaco on Instagram and use #PortCityMediaCo #BrandDesign #Branding.

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