3 Reasons Why Slack Redesign is So Good

If you haven’t heard of it, Slack is an internal communication tool that offers messaging, file management, and collaborative tools for all businesses. This productive interface delivers a cooperative experience for your employees and is one of the leading communication tools for today’s top innovators.

In addition to being a great product, Slack also has a great logo that’s worth examining further. Read on as we take a look at what makes it great!


The earlier version of the Slack logo was a hashtag, but the design lacked consistency across the board. They got ahead of this issue by redesigning their logo early on in the company’s existence so they could move forward with consistent and effective branding. By using empty space, color, and shape rotations, they created a much more unique logo that still plays homage to the company’s connectivity-focused core.

Attention to Detail

Given how versatile this logo is, it’s apparent that the design team who worked on the logo wanted it to be able to fit anywhere, on any background. According to the article on Brand New, “The updated palette features four primary colors, more manageable than the original’s eleven, which suffered against any background color other than white.” These qualities allow the logo to be scalable and widely recognized, as the contrasting colors can work against nearly any backdrop.

Clean Design

The overall structure of the new logo is creative, as they restructured the generic hashtag with a futuristic, fresh approach. By using hard angles in the wordmark and rounded shapes in the logo icon, there is enough visual interest to appeal to the eye and balance the contrasting elements. This clean geometric approach, paired with consistency and attention to detail, showcases what a welcoming and innovative company Slack is. It’s amazing what a logo can do!

The power of a logo can’t be overstated! If you’d like to convey a message with a redesign, we’re here to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our branding services!

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