4 Tips For a Beautiful Yet Functional Website

For most people, websites are where the bulk of our information comes from. Whether you’re reading news articles, looking up a how-to, or seeking information about a brand, using a good website will totally transform the experience—and as designers, this ease of use is something we should aim for in all of the sites we build. While there is a lot of room for creativity, there are also a few rules that you can follow to streamline the process and make a functional website. Keep reading to check out our top tips!

1. Make the Navigation Easy to Use


Navigation is the most important, most utilized element of any website. It is the main way users get around while browsing your site and one of the key elements of a good design. When laying it out, keep in mind ways to give it a sense of intuitiveness which will make it simple to use — a cluttered navigation menu makes it challenging for visitors to browse your site. A good rule of thumb is that the user should be able to access any information with three clicks or less, starting from the homepage.

2. Create an Intuitive Sitemap

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Sitemaps, or the page structure of a website, are the roadmap to every website design. The important thing about sitemaps is that it forces the designer to strip away the design mindset and fully focus on the content. Making the user flow of content intuitive and fluid makes it easier when building the site and makes it easier for the visitor to use it. Never skip steps in the planning stages of the website — an efficient foundation equals greater end-user satisfaction.

3. Keep Use of Typefaces Clean

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Typography is paramount in the overall process of building a website. Font choice is just as important of a design element as illustrations or textures. However, avoid the temptation of overusing fonts. Use a maximum of three typefaces with different weights to give structure and cohesion to the site’s overall look and feel.

4. Create an Interactive Design

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Another way to give your site some considerable visual prowess is through user interactions. With the capabilities of dynamic websites, it’s easier than ever to give a little pizazz to any page by adding clever animation here and there. It helps create a memorable, responsive and interactive user experience.

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