Boosting Your Website's SEO Rankings On a Local Level

Getting in front of a local audience is one of the best things that businesses can invest in, and a key way to do that is by boosting your website’s SEO ranking on a local level. The shift to supporting small businesses has been picking up momentum among consumers, and by getting your name out there on a local level, you can get in front of qualified leads who are searching for businesses to support.

While enhancing your website’s local SEO may feel like an impossible task, with small, incremental changes, you can quickly climb to the top of the search results in your community. Here are some tips to do just that:

How to Boost Your Website’s Local SEO Ranking

Take Ownership of Your Google My Business Page

When customers Google your business, they are likely looking for information regarding contact methods, operating hours, or location—all of which can be answered conveniently on the Google My Business widget once you take ownership of it. This will show Google that you are active online and give them the most relevant information your potential customers are seeking.

Go Local With Your Content Marketing

If you’ve been considering creating articles or blogs on your website, we highly recommend it—especially as it pertains to local SEO. Use your business’ blog as a place to shout out your involvement with the local community, whether you are donating proceeds to a local cause or your employees are getting involved in a community charity. Using your blog to talk about area happenings is a great way to get more local eyes on your content.

Make Sure Your Site is Optimized for Mobile

The mobile search market is growing exponentially (even though it’s already huge!). It has been found that out of all mobile searches that exhibit local intent, 75% lead to an in-store visit within a day. Giving customers the information they need regardless of what screen they’re visiting from is a great way to ensure a mobile audience can still access info about your brand and come pay you an in-person visit.

Create a Page for Every Product and Service

This is a good SEO tip in general, but when it comes to local search, it is even more important. By creating a page for your individual products and services and including local keywords on them, you are providing more content for search engines to index and push to the top of local searches. Sprinkling in your neighborhood and city throughout your service descriptions (in a natural-sounding way) is a great way to have your product pages do double duty.

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