5 Spooky websites to get you ready for Halloween

Bring Out The Boos

Bring Out the Boos

“Bring Out the Boos” is a Halloween-tailored site for an event that focuses itself on making cocktails that are inspired by the festivities of Halloween. The event is held annually, so any Boston bartender can have a chance at claiming the tombstone trophy. Now, let’s get into the design of this bad boy. This site has a very modern web layout aesthetic – specifically the color scheme. It gives the site a bold and striking feel to create a retro-esk vibe.



Next on the list, is a website called Cervooo. The site is tailored to professional data and network infrastructure, but with a Halloween twist. The reasoning behind choosing this is not only the rift on the scary theme but also the neat, well-curated illustrations. In addition, the header of the site catches your eye while leaving the opportunity for interactivity.

Tech Cemetery

Tech Cemetary

Another website to get you in the Halloween spirit is a site called Tech Cemetery. This website specializes in DIY pumpkin carving templates. What’s not to love about this site? It eases you in with custom typography and eye-catching design elements. The name “Tech-Cemetery” foreshadows the type of technology-related content you would see on the site.



Every year, people make trillions of searches on google including Halloween costume ideas. Inspired by Google search trends, Frightgeist was established to create a one-stop-shop for finding what is trending in the costume world. The overall design of the website is simple and clean but packs in impeccable functionality. Each costume has an indication on the right that shows if it is trending or not trending. The design gives off this old computer system feel, with an eerie subtle connection glitch animation to top it off.

The Wild Card

Cormac Reidy

Although this isn’t a published website, its design is relevant for the purposes of this post. The 3-dimensional design properties set it apart from most. Also, the treatment of the contrast of the dark background and metallic objects send off a retro and eerie aesthetic.

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