Examples of Good E-Commerce Site Design

If you’re in the e-commerce space, you already know that the competition can be fierce out there. Between individual sellers, online mega-retailers, and in-person big box stores, it’s absolutely vital to stand out from the crowd—but how? One key way is through good e-commerce site design.

Most customers make a decision about a website they visit within a few seconds. That’s why bounce rate is so important, and why the design of your e-commerce site is a spot worth focusing on if you want to keep customers around. Below, we will look at some great e-commerce site designs to help you get inspired!

Good E-Commerce Site Design Examples


Poketo is a brand that’s all about color, and that’s exactly what their website brings to the table. Their colorful logo compliments the otherwise neutral navigation bar, which allows their splashy product photography to be front and center on every page.


Shinola is well aware that uninterrupted blocks of text are out, so they made the wise choice to get creative with their product description. For the old fashioned among us, there is the traditional paragraph to the right—but the product features interspersed with high-quality photography are designed to draw the eye to this interesting element.


Rest is a brand all about aesthetics, so it is fitting that their website follows suit. They’re selling an elevated version of something most people already have (phone and watch chargers), but their sharp web design and product feature bullet points are more than enough to help people justify the upgrade.

On Running

There’s a lot of competition in the running shoe industry, but On Running creates a user experience that shows why they stand out from the pack. Their product pages are thorough, showing the shoe from every angle and featuring a brief video so shoppers can see it in action—plus, they use a thorough classification system so you can dig into the pros and cons of each shoe model they sell.

Milk Bar

Since Milk Bar hit the culinary scene, the brand has been no stranger to making a splash—and their website stays true to this image. Flashy gifs, high-res pastry photography and colorful elements are enough to awaken anyone’s sweet tooth.

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