The Importance of an "About Us" Page for Your Business

Sending the right message about your company is an important part of winning customers over. It’s true that your logo and general branding do most of the heavy lifting in this department, but communicating the brand’s mission in your own words is still extremely valuable—and that is exactly why every business needs an About Us page on their website.

More than anywhere else, your About Us page is where customers can come to get a full overview of not only what your business does, but also what it cares about. Read on to discover why an about page is so vital and how to craft one that’s perfect for your brand.

Why an About Us Page is Essential for Businesses

In the crowded online world, customers care more than ever about what brands they choose to support. Showing customers why they should choose to support your business is much easier with a quality About Page.

Customers generally head to the About Page when they’re in the consideration stage of their purchasing journey. When customers are gathering information before making a decision, providing more information about your business is integral to helping them make an educated choice.

Elements of a Successful About Us Page

A brief brand history. Learning the story behind the brand is fascinating for customers, especially if it is communicated well. Starting your About Page with an overview of the what and why of your business will make sure potential customers know what you’re all about.

A customer-centric core. A great About Page is both about the brand and the customer. It’s the prime opportunity for you to communicate what problem customers have that your brand will solve. This will help them connect the dots between what they are searching for and what your business provides, to begin pushing qualified leads in the right direction.

An abundance of authenticity. More than anything else, your About Page is the best place to showcase your genuine authenticity. Include some fun elements like pictures and blurbs for staff, quirks about your office, or any community service initiatives your business has in place. This is the chance to let your brand’s personality shine its brightest!

A bit of bragging. While there’s no need to use up valuable space rehashing every one of your accomplishments in detail, the About Page is a smart spot to provide third party content about what your brand does. Any stellar customer reviews, business awards, and positive press your business has received can live here for customers to peruse.

If you’re ready to revamp your business’ About Us page, we’re happy to help! Contact us today to learn more about our copywriting services for businesses.

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