Website Features Users Value Most

A good website may be an investment, but it’s one of the best ones you can make for your business. Websites are an essential component of people finding and engaging with businesses, and users expect a nice looking, easy to navigate site from any brand they interact with. So, if you’re considering a redesign, it’s important to keep in mind the website features users value most in order to create a site that people want to browse.

What Website Features Do Users Value Most?

1. Simple Navigation

When people were surveyed about what they want to see from a website, an overwhelming number (94%) ranked navigation as the most important thing. Websites that are easy to navigate make it easier for customers to find the products and services they’re looking for, which is a must when moving customers along the sales funnel.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

While it’s vital to nail the nuts and bolts of your website design, having it look nice is equally important. The way your website looks telegraphs a lot of information about your business, so it’s wise to marry functionality with great design.

3. Quick Speeds

The beauty of the internet is that information is at our fingertips—but if that information is not coming quickly enough, users will often try to find what they’re looking for elsewhere. A website that is slow to load will typically drive up a site’s bounce rate…and often, users will be bouncing right to competitors.

4. A Good Mobile Experience

When people are looking for information from a website, they’re often on the go while they’re doing it—which means a good mobile experience is just as important as a good desktop experience. In fact, 85% of people think a mobile site should equal or surpass its desktop equivalent.

5. Quality Content

Your website could be the most beautiful thing in the world, but if the content it contains is low quality or irrelevant, all the design prowess in the world can’t save it. Clear product descriptions, great brand copy, and quality photos are a must for educating and informing users.

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