4 Well-Designed Craft Beer Websites

In light of our first international client’s website launch for a badass brewery in Stuttgart, Germany, here are four well-designed craft beer websites we found while doing research on the project since our passion for brand design is fueled by inspiration.

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Fort Point Beer Co.


This site uses clean use of typography and color. The consumer is drawn to designs with a simplistic functionality. This brand showcases its use of direct language and concise branding to keep your focus on the beer itself. The online user can experience an interactive grid that showcases each of the unique beer flavors and packaging designs. The consistent design all throughout every beer showcase matches the colors to the beer selection, which indicates they are using a CMS for each beer selection. The page above establishes a “short and to the point” brand message while delivering a powerful take-home message of inclusivity.

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STL Beer


In contrast to the previous brand, STL Beer’s website uses a strong and vibrant color palette with simple illustrations to grab the user’s attention. Their beer pass at the bottom of the page is another strategic element to educate the user on standout call-to-action opportunities. Their brand story clearly resonates with the audience – framing brewing and beer as a way of life grounded in the history of St. Louis. Similar to the brand above, the interactive grid allows the user to explore all the brewing entities in the area.



If I had to choose a “brand favorite beer” it would be Calidad beer. The colors of this site are sublime and powerfully contrasting. One thing I love about this site is the imagery and snazzy animations. They have the option for consumers to become supporters by purchasing merch that corresponds with the brand. This e-commerce element expands audience appeal by delivering something the consumer can physically connect to and participate in offline.

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Oliver Brewing Co.


Speaking of well-curated sites take a look at Oliver Brewing Co. This unique design approaches a black opaque exterior – pretty non-traditional in the beer industry. In addition, the typography treatment complements the traditional, yet modern style. Similar to Fort Point Beer Co., the site also has a showcase of their current selections of beers but does not mimic the color of the can like Fort Point Beer Co does.

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