How to Do a Content Marketing Audit for the New Year

It’s a bit cliche to talk about how much of a rollercoaster we’ve had this year, but it does bear repeating—it’s been a wild ride. While many businesses have been thrown for a loop, it has certainly shown us the importance of being adaptable and changing things that don’t work when necessary.

In our new reality where online and virtual connections are even more important than they were before, there is perhaps no better time to do an audit of your content marketing presence as we approach the new year. Now is a great time to consider what’s working, what isn’t, and how you can better connect with your customers—even when they’re in their own homes.

How to Do a Content Marketing Audit

Content marketing is an extremely valuable asset for any business, and there are troves of statistics to back up its effectiveness. Communicating with your audience is an important part of educating them on your industry, your product, and ultimately, why they should choose you to provide it—but if you aren’t entirely sure what they want to see, looking at what you’re already doing is a great way to give yourself some direction going forward.

While there are different ways to do a content marketing audit, at its core, the purpose is to evaluate your current content marketing strategy to identify what works and what could be improved. This is most commonly done by looking at your metrics for each particular type of content (web pages, blog posts, and social media posts) to determine what is resonating the most with your audience.

From there, you can make better informed decisions about where to take your content plan in the new year based on what worked for you in the past one. Do you have blogs that are performing well? Consider what type of information they contain and how you can write more in regards to that. Unhappy with your social media performance? Find the posts in the past that have done well and incorporate more of those into your feed.

The beauty (and the frustration!) of content marketing lies in the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the process—if there was, we wouldn’t be here! However, by tuning in with what your specific audience wants to engage with, you can come up with an informed content marketing strategy for the new year and beyond.

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