5 Ways to Shift Your Marketing Plan During the Coronavirus Lockdown.

This is an unprecedented time for the U.S.

Restaurants are shutting down. Companies are urging employees to work remotely. This is a strange and surreal time for businesses everywhere. But while we’re waiting out this storm, this is the perfect time to focus on some key items in our marketing plan for when we’re back to firing on all cylinders!

01. Revisit Your Logo & Brand Identity

Chances are your company’s logo has been around for a while. Does the visual impact of your logo reflect the quality of your brand? If not, this downtime is a great opportunity for a beautiful new brand identity.

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02. Website Updates

Your website is your 24/7 sales person. It’s essential to have a great site to convert potential leads to loyal customers. Make sure it’s up to date, mobile friendly, easy to update, and visually reflects the quality of your brand.

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03. Social Media

While most of us are stuck inside “social distancing” during this time, your Social Media accounts are the perfect way to connect to customers. We can help clean up your profiles, schedule posts, create content calendars, and help you brainstorm creative post ideas!

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04. Updated Photography

Still using your headshots from 2006? This downtime is a great opportunity to update the photos on your company’s website and Social Media. We can schedule a reshoot or help you update with premium stock photography. Either way, it’s time for a refresh!

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05. Search Engine Optimization

This downtime is also a great chance to do some SEO cleanup on your website. We use the latest techniques to help improve your search engine ranking so potential customers can find you.

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The Takeaway

Things will be back to normal before you know it. In the meantime, let’s keep the Marketing momentum going. Give us a shout today for a free deep dive into your marketing plan to see how we can help!

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