Creative Ways Brands Have Responded to the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the rise of the global Coronavirus Pandemic, marketers have been thrown into a tailspin trying to adapt their strategies to match. While most brands have avoided the typical “brand fails” we’ve become accustomed to anytime big news hits, there are a few that have gone above and beyond to give back, keep engagement up, and tastefully address the pandemic without being insensitive or gauche.

We have absolutely loved seeing the things brands are doing to gracefully address this issue, especially when community responsibility and philanthropy comes into play. To help you get inspired (or just to distract you from the madness) we put together our favorites for you to check out below!

Stella Artois’ Engagement Contest

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but the social distancing circumstances have certainly made it difficult for many budding couples across the world. Stella Artois is tackling that head-on by partnering up with Love is Blind stars Lauren and Cameron to discuss their top long-distance dating tips and launch their “Far From You, But Yes I Do” contest, where they will pay for the wedding of a couple that gets engaged amidst the isolation period. Talk about an unfortunate scenario leading to a new beginning!

Volvo’s #StaySafe Campaign

Volvo—a company that has always prided themselves on the safety of their cars—is stressing the importance of social distancing with their Instagram grid. Their posts are still hinting at their traditional brand message regarding the safety of their vehicles, but they’re also reminding their followers to #staysafe by staying at home whenever possible.

Aviation Gin Encourages You to #TipYour Bartenders

While many restaurants and bars have pivoted to expand their carryout and delivery options, the service industry has still taken a huge hit due to the social distancing guidelines set forth. Aviation Gin is helping out all the bartenders of the country by starting a virtual tab donation to the United States Bartender’s Guild, and donating 30% of every bottle of gin ordered for delivery to the same cause.

BEHR® Your Background

Most of us are spending far more time on video calls than normal, and we’re likely also spending a lot of time making our backgrounds presentable for said calls—but BEHR® Paints has a solution. With their BEHR® Your Background Program users can download pre-cleaned (and stylish) rooms to use in the back of their Zoom call. No dusting required!

Anheuser-Busch Pivots to Hand Sanitizer

Anheuser-Busch is one of the largest beer distributors in America, but they still maintain a philanthropy focused approach despite their size. Because of how in-demand hand sanitizer is throughout the world, they have updated their production lines to accommodate this new need to make sure everyone has access to clean hands.

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